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Working Papers

"Who are the SPAC CEOs?" (with M. Blomkvist and M. Vulanovic) [Abstract] [Paper]

"Do Internal Rating Models Mitigate Bank Opacity? Evidence from Analysts' Forecasts" (with B. Bruno, I. Marino, and A. Resti) [Abstract] [Paper]

"Does Asset Encumbrance Affect Bank Risk? Evidence from Covered Bonds" (with M.E. Garcia-Appendini and S. Gatti) [Abstract] [Paper]

"The Credibility of European banks' Risk-Weighted Capital: Structural Differences or National Segmentations?" (with B. Bruno and A. Resti) [Abstract] [Paper]

Work in Progress

"Does Organization Design Affect Delegated Investment Performance?" (with L. Spotorno)

"Does stricter supervision reduce bank opacity?" (with B. Bruno and I. Marino)

"Collective Supply Chain Responsibility: The Effect of Suppliers' CSR Behaviour on Shareholder Value" (temporary) (with M. Giannakis)